Folding Gates

Bostwick Type

Fabrication of gates may be such as to allow them to collapse and swing against the wall or disappear into shallow or deep cabinet boxes.

Vertical bar folding gates are constructed of pairs of vertical channels with two or more rows of lattice bars. Channels may be 3/4"x 3/8"x 1/8"approximately 6"on centers with 5/8"x 1/8"lattice bars, with separators at pivot points.


  • Overhead tracks and hangers should be supplied for gates in wide corridors or wherever they extend more than 8 or 10 feet.
  • Floor tracks or bottom stiffening tracks may be used where gates are of sufficient relative height to allow tracks to fold into position.
  • Casters are usually required for gates over 3 or 4 feet wide, unless overhead tracks are used.

Custom Finishes: Color of your choice is available from standard colors.


Wall Pocket Type

Shallow or deep wall pocket cabinets are used where wall conditions permit. Deep pocket cabinets may be used allowing full unobstructed use of the corridor, with folding gates pulling out, or collapsing into cabinets on a straight line. Door to cabinet mounted on a recess or piano hinge, with cabinet or cylinder locks.

Where other wall conditions permit, shallow pocket cabinets may be used, also allowing full unobstructed use of corridors with folding gates hinged to swing out and across the corridor opening, or collapsed to fold into the pocket of the cabinet. The door to the cabinet mounted on off-set hinges and provided with cylinder locks.


Lazy Tong Type

Diamond lattice folding gates are constructed of single channels riveted back to back and arranged in a diamond pattern. Channels may be 3/4"x 3/8"x 1/8"approximately 6"on centers.

The overall height becomes less as the gates are extended; approximately 1 1/2"to each foot of width. The pivot point is usually placed near the bottom to maintain a more constant distance to the floor. Vertical members may be provided on wide gates with casters on the floor or track and hangers above.