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Tenant Storage

Introducing. A Strong Foundation for Growth. With over Thirty years in Business within the safety and security markets, Kenco Wire & Iron Products Inc. and its tradition of quality introduces the woven wire mesh or welded wire lockers.

Strength. Quality. Value. combines the flexibility of welded wire mesh with the proven strength of framed panels, resulting in a quality, Kenco Wire & Iron Products Inc.’s design with exceptional value.

Designed for On-Site Flexibility. Welded wire may be modified in the field, making installations around obstructions like electrical conduits, heating ducts and water pipes easy. Because the wires are welded at every intersection, field modification does not affect structural integrity.

Easy to install. Modular design, Starter and Add-ons, are supplied with pre-hung doors. This assures ease of installation and provides for the lowest total cost of ownership.

Thickness — 10 Gauge Design — 2” x 2” (center to center) square welded wire.

Framed in 1 1/4” x 1 1/4” x 13 gauge angle and pre-hung at the factory. All doors are supplied with door strikes, padlock hasps, and 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” spun-pin hinges welded into place.

Framed with 1-1/4” x 1-1/4” x 13 gauge angle.

BACKS (optional)
10 gauge x 2” x 2” Welded Wire or 20 gauge galvanized sheet metal.

16 gauge formed galvanized steel adds strength and versatility to any locker system.

TOPS (optional)
Shall be constructed of the same fabric as the standard locker. The standard design for tops is unframed while a framed version is available, consult the factory.