Prison Equipment

Kenco Wire & Iron Products Inc. can provide all your security metal needs: Security Hollow Metal, Bar Grillage, access doors, Security and Builders Hardware, Control Consoles and Furniture and all other accessories related to the security portion of your facility.

Detention Doors and Frames
Swinging, sliding, Borrowed Lights, Control Room Enclosures, Kenco Wire & Iron Products Inc. can provide all your Detention Hollow metal needs. Detention doors have a flush design construction with no seams or joints on the face or edge, internally stiffened to adhere to the requirements of Detention facilities. Doors are fabricated typically of 12-14 gauge material. Detention Frames are typically constructed of 12 or 14-gauge material. Doors and Frames are custom fabricated to accept Security Hardware required. All Hollow metal is pre-prepped for easy hardware installation. Security Hollow Metal is custom-fabricated to your specifications.

Steel Bar Grillage
Bar Grillage is used primarily in areas where a full view of Inmate movement is required, such as holding cells and Corridors. Bar grillage is either constructed of tool-resisting, mild steel or a combination of both. Grating consists of 7/8 inch diameter double ribbed round bars, 3/8 inch by 2-1/4 or 2-½ inch vertical and horizontal framing flat bars spaced 12 inches on center. The vertical rounds are interlocked at each intersection or horizontal bars. Grillage is made with lock pockets, food passes, or other accessories as required. Kenco Wire & Iron Products Inc. will custom-fit the grillage to your opening.

Vantage Wall Cell Fronts
Vantage wall prison cells are fabricated of 1/4” or 3/8” woven rods inserted into a slotted tubular built-up main frame. Mesh consists of a square 2-inch square pattern which does not allow prisoners to get their hands through. Prison locks and hinges are then custom-built into the cell wall to complete the system. Kenco Wire & Iron Products Inc. provides these cell fronts to the United States Marshall Service, and state, county and local police facilities.

Prison Cell Accessories
Detention bunks with wood tops or flameproof mattresses detention benches – stainless steel wood tops or powder-coated modesty screens, bookshelves, prison desks and many other items associated with a complete cell outfitting.